As a fitness and health conscience operation, we feel it is important to keep our clients as safe
and free from illness as possible.

Yes. We will need to see your card at your first visit. You can show us your paper copy, your photo copy, or
there is an app for your phone called Docket that you can download, you can set this up and it
will show all of your most recent vaccinations.

No. At this time we only require you to be fully vaccinated. Pfizer is 2 doses 3 weeks apart,
Moderna is 2 doses 1 month apart and J & J is 2 doses in 1 shot.

No. If you are fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask. However, you absolutely can
wear one if it makes you feel more comfortable.

No. We require our players to be vaccinated for the safety of all players.