Sarah, CFO, Chief Fitness Officer, discovered pickleball during a health recovery journey.  As a long-time tennis player and runner, she loves both the doubles and singles games of pickleball.  As a health care professional in sports medicine, she realized the importance to maintain or improve hand-eye coordination, and physical fitness to excel in the game she loves.  Sarah is developing her Pickle.Fitness class, a circuit training courses of cardio, hand-eye coordination, strength, and agility training tailored towards the sport, and offers solely through FDZP. 


Todd, CCO, Chief Creative Officer is in his second year of playing and has long had the entrepreneurial spirit and teaching vibe. He has always felt that there must be a way to own a business in the sport that now had totally consumed him. FDZP was born. It started with a small group in the basement focusing solely on hand-eye coordination as that was all the room would dictate, then moved to a makeshift pickleball court in the back of Champions Hall to now moving into the 5 spacious multi-use courts in the front of Champions Hall with the vision of building FDZP into a preeminent year round indoor pickleball venue. He plans to build a synergistic, high-energy, welcoming environment attractive to both the newbie and seasoned pro!

Todd is also a PPR certified coach.


Sherman, CTO, Chief Trouble Officer, is the voice of reasoning behind the creative minds of FDZP.
Sherman has a multi-sport discipline background, among which are table tennis, badminton and tennis. Other than being an organizer of several pickleball leagues, you can also find him playing or instructing pickleball, if not making his way through local tournaments.